deceptively dining

I recently came upon a deeply discounted copy of Deceptively Delicious and after reading Mary’s rave reviews decided to give it a try. Caroline is typically willing to TRY anything offered without any pleading or whining from her parents. Steve and I often share a knowing wide eyed stare when we realize she is sucking down broccoli or green beans and we always make a big deal of showing her how much we like our veggies. Most times despite her best meal intentions those poor veggies are spit back out onto her plate or into one of our hands. I never thought I would be able to tolerate half chewed foods being deposited into my hand OR that when I see her making the “no like it” face that I would be the Mom to go so far as to encourage her to spit it out, but here I am. Caroline is no stranger to vegetables, but she is far from being their biggest fan.

I flipped through the cookbook and saw some interesting recipes. I plan on offering her some of these meals with hidden veggies right alongside the non-sneaky variety. Tonight is Italian meatloaf, which I know will over my family because there is bacon involved, rice balls, and a fresh salad.

It took 20 minutes to pre-prepare the meatloaf last night before Steve and I headed upstairs. This morning after Daddy and Caro hit the door, I pureed a sweet potato and spinach for the rice balls. We’re doing a vegetarian variety minus the chicken the recipe calls for and I think that Caro is really going to dig being allowed to play with rice this afternoon while the meatloaf cooks up in the oven. Plus they include CHEESE. ohhhhh.

I’ll let you know how it all went over tomorrow! I am brazenly predicting success.


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