diamond anniversary

My father, known here as Granda, was born six decades ago this very day. He hardly looks his age, which I am sure can be attributed to his non-stop work around the house, his attention to every tiny detail, and his incredible work ethic. Granda likes his house tidy and he has great difficulty relaxing. I am my father’s only daughter and I have great memories of times spent with him… him tossing us (my brother and our two neighbors) high into the air, high enough that I thought I might touch the leaves of the big tree out back… building snowmen and protecting those snowmen from the neighborhood hooligans… him fending off that giant attack dog with a night stick he kept in the garage… building a table from scratch with him and Brett … watching him paint in the basement (let's just graze right over the unfortunate oil painting on the floor incident shall we?), raking fall leaves… the smell summer dinners of shish kebab on the charcoal grill… Red Rose pizza reheated the next day… Sunday afternoon golf… Friday night Red Sox… him feeding us useless information to use against unsuspecting educators (do YOU know what a hemidemisemiquaver is??)... hours long conversations about every single thing at the kitchen table…

I used to love to get dressed up for a special occasion and walk down the steps to find him in the kitchen (waiting for my mother to finish getting ready no doubt). I loved it because he always turned to look at me and told me that I looked beautiful. Sometimes he threw in a “wow!” if it was a particularly good look. He always made me feel special. He still does that.

When I met Steve in 2001, I met someone who treated me like gold, a good listener, protector, someone who would always believe in me. I met a man who sees our relationship as a partnership and who views fatherhood as an active role, not just a physical presence. He might not have the clean gene, but heck, I’ve got enough of that for both of us. In meeting Steve, I met someone who exemplified the very best qualities of my own father. I hope that someday my little Caroline will look deep into the soul of her chosen mate and find those same amazing qualities. She'd be finding a diamond in the rough.

60th anniversaries are diamond anniversaries & you certainly are.

Happy Birthday....


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