friday forecast

The weather is looking exceptionally beautiful for Friday. With most of this nasty cold behind me and a little voice in my head reminding me “don’t scratch, don’t scratch” I am ready to really whoop it up with Caro on the warmest day of the spring thus far. We’ve been frequenting the little playground up the street since the snow melted, but it might be time to tackle the beach playground or the one we refer to as “where she got locked in the car” as a special treat.

This time of year makes my heart leap. The simple act of being able to put away the winter coats and unearth the spring clothes from the attic makes me smile. I always do the seasonal switch way too soon and end up fishing through the boxes of winter stuff in the cool mornings, grumbling about Al Roker, and cursing the local guy Bob Maxon’s dang bus stop forecast.

Back in the day Friday would have been known as “skin day;” the day on campus when all the girls would wear their shortest skirts and sit out on any spot of green they could find in Boston’s urban jungle sunning themselves as if Huntington Avenue was just for that one day South Beach. I don’t think I really participated fully in skin day, but these days I am usually lucky if my legs are clean-shaven on the mysterious first really warm day of spring. My skin day no longer involves scoping out a spot of green, resting my head on a book bag, soaking in the sun. Imagining my daughter’s joyful expression when we drive to a novel playground (I am leaning towards the beach!) and she bounces in her seat with excitement is so much greater than any ol’ skin day ever could have been.

We might not be ready to break out the summer stuff yet (you know I have been fighting the urge to purge the winter stuff from her wardrobe to make way for summer time cuteness don’t you???), but the spirit of this special part of the year is alive in my daughter’s smile, in the way she throws her head back and says “weeeee” on the swings, and the way I feel watching her…a real live little person racing gleefully around a playground, knowing just where she wants to go next…looking up to be sure that I am watching her…am I seeing how high she is? Am I???

It’s going to be awesome and there might even be ice cream.


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