Caroline’s reaction to last night’s deceptive dinner was lukewarm, though I attribute this more to the fact that her two year molars seem to be making an appearance than my cooking. Maybe I am just protecting my ego – but I sticking by my molar hypothesis. A frozen OJ Popsicle was more her speed, it was the only thing she willingly put into her mouth all night besides her hand which we thought she might swallow at one point.

Steve took the meatloaf out of the fridge when he got home from work and I had hoped that by the time I preheated the oven it would be room temp. It wasn’t and our dinner took much longer to bake than it should have. If I was to make this again I would not make it the night ahead and I would more closely read the directions. I accidentally added a cup of sauce that was supposed to be spread on top. I thankfully realized my error and removed as much as possible before mixing, but the damage was done, the loaf was on the mushy side as a result. BUMMER.

Just as I suspected, Chef Caroline really did enjoy helping me with the rice balls while the meatloaf cooked. What is NOT to love about Mommy encouraging you to smush rice between your fingers?? These were the sleeper hit. She did have a bite while we were cooking with positive results, but the teething proved to be a barrier even rice and cheese could not penetrate. Steve and I enjoyed them thoroughly. My one criticism is that they really do need to be eaten warm, but when was the last time I got Steve to eat SPINACH??? Or SWEET POTATO???

Would I call it a success? Not quite – but it was easy enough that I will try it again and I picked a few more of Jessica's recipes to try out.

Today is Caroline’s rescheduled picture day at school. Despite a certain toddler’s pleading to stay in her pajamas this morning, she was appropriately attired in a spring dress, tights, and dressy shoes. I painstakingly aligned her pigtails - who knew THIS would be one of my biggest parenting challenges. Have you ever tried to put a tiny elastic around a teeny fistful of hair while your subject's head is in continuous motion? Her poor little nose is much improved since those photos and I am doubtful they will need to do much airbrushing. What I wouldn’t give to have skin like that now.


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