the many hats of motherhood

When people ask me what it is I do for a living, you know at one of those bothersome lavish cocktail receptions we are constantly attending (ha!), my reply is always that I am a social worker. Yesterday my colleagues were discussing one of their daughters. She is about my age (I am the youngest employee here by at least 20 years) and she called her mother, my colleague, completely overwhelmed at her new responsibilities since becoming a mother a few months ago. I stopped to chat and started naming the many hats I wear daily and I have to admit I was a bit overwhelmed at the realization that so many things rest on my shoulders too.

My best estimate is that I am a caregiver, private chef, housekeeper, pet care technician, laundress, organization guru, seamstress, interior decorator, driver, nurse, apparel manager, data archivist, and grounds keeper.

I enjoy most of these jobs, but seeing them put together in this way – who has time for social work???


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