mommy caro night

Steve had a fancy pants dinner out with his colleague, boss and boss’ boss last night. It was a local dinner, but he still suspected he would be out past Caroline’s bedtime, so I planned a little girl’s night for us. Caroline decided she wanted Mac and Cheese for dinner, so I put two easy Annies into a big glass microwave safe bowl, and tada dinner. While it spun around and around “cooking” I sliced into a grapefruit and was astonished to find that Caroline could not get enough of it. She sprinkled a healthy helping of sugar of top of the segments I had sliced in the way my Dad always sliced for me. You know, the cut in half, and then cut all the way around the flesh and between each segment so you can eat it right out of the peel method? Yeah, that one. Even better than the fleshy insides was the drinking of the juice, which was by far her favorite part. She enjoyed that so much that she looked at the other half sitting there on the cutting board and asked for “more, please.” Together we ate the entire grapefruit, but it was hardly a fair share, I think I had 4 bites. I laughed energetically when she asked me if she could “drink?” the second one too, which she did with not one speck of help from her Mommy. I spooned mac and cheese into bowls for each of us and it wasn’t long before she was licking her spoon asking again for “more, please!” Three slices of cantaloupe later, I cut her off, promising dessert with Nemo (thin mint girl scout cookie ice cream).

There we sat, all cuddled up, me reading Dooce’s book (it’s good!) and Caroline laughing at Nemo. Though she could have used a tub I wasn’t in the mood to tackle that one solo last night, especially when I got a text from Steve at 7pm that they hadn’t even sat to eat yet and were still enjoying cocktails in the bar. Normally I would have been up for more than a movie on a night alone with Caroline, but I was ready for bed as soon as the dinner dishes were cleaned and her lunch for today was packed. It was a gorgeous night, the kind that makes you feel guilty sitting inside, but I just didn’t have it in me to anything more strenuous than set up the DVD.

I took my time getting her ready for bed. “My naked!” I hugged her little body close and kissed her neck, playfully pretended to eat the super ticklish spot on her side; the one that makes her belly laugh and gasp for air. She read me three books and before I could even close the last one to signify that it was really truly bedtime, she threw herself dramatically face first onto the sofa away from my grip. If I could only determine where the dramatics come from??? =) She played quietly in her crib until just before 9, when Steve arrived home.

I stayed up to see him, but I should have gone right to bed. I woke up at 3am, thinking it was nearly 6, wide awake, with that dry getting sick lump in my throat and cursed the world. I willed myself back to sleep, but I am clearly getting sicker as the day goes on here. Seriously – I am way outside of my comfort zone with this lack of sleep thing Sunday night/Monday morning. How did I ever live like that – Ann? How are you doing it??? Combine that awful night with a little girl who enjoys wiping her drippy nose on my shoulder, cheek, mouth, hands and you get a recipe for disaster. Sorry to be so woe is me, but yuck. I have been short with Steve, lazy with Caroline, and just very “unme” this week. TGITh.


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