nothing short of amazing

The Easter Bunny came and went and left behind a cute tulip basket with a gardening theme, several candy filled eggs to hunt, and many generous gifts from Kiki and Papa. As predicted our little chocolate lover enjoyed sampling all the candy, but with just a nibble or lick. I have eaten more dove almond and peanut butter cup eggs in the past 48 hours than I care to count. Caroline has turned into my own personal holiday candy pusher. She gets a gold star for this.

We thought ahead and made the smart decision to drive home early Monday morning. The Pike traffic on Easter weekend has been known to drive people to the brink of insanity. I think one year I spent over 3 hours on the bus back to Boston from Western MA. Articles from the Boston papers indicate that we made a very smart decision.

The ladies in the McHouse are still under the grips of this terrible "as the seasons change" cold. There is currently not a single tissue in our house. Before I left this morning I declared a tissue emergency. Luckily Steve is headed to the store at lunchtime and offered to pick up a new supply. I am very much looking forward to returning the tissue threat status back to normal levels.

Speaking of Steve. Have I told you lately how amazing, wonderful and supportive he is? I haven't?

I pushed through my day at home with Caroline yesterday – aka the day of 1000 kleenex – by engaging her in lots of sticker play, a trip to the market, and some time at the playground on the swings. I spent her nap unpacking and cleaning up both myself and the house. When Steve arrived home she was in the middle of “put mommy to sleep” and I was so comfortable there on the couch bundled under all the blankets with her that I did not want to move. Post dinner my husband ordered me to return to the sofa where I spread a blanket over myself. I was in and out a bit at first. Someone was feeding me cake and showing me cards of “Dog” and “Mouse.” “Mouse climb in tree!” Steve handled bedtime including the very brave move of attempting a solo bath. I groggily woke up to look around and saw that it was 9:30! I was ordered to go directly to bed and I don’t even remember hitting the pillow, though I must have stopped to take out my contacts because I needed my glasses to see the weather forecast this morning.

This was nothing short of amazing. I am so very lucky and feeling so incredibly rested after nearly 11 hours of sleep. 11 hours and I can almost breathe through BOTH my nostrils!


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