recent languarge perplexions

“How about (pause) this one?”
while deciding which puzzle to take out

Sandra Boynton’s Opposites book

“make coffee? with ice? Ann, want some?”
while sitting out with our marvelous neighbors, she served it in the tiny flower pots from her sand and water table

“mmmmm hummus”
self explanatory

“cover me!”
while laying on the floor with her butt up in the air, Caro style

“wawa all gone?!”
after pulling the plug on the water table

after weeks of slowing down to show her the llamas on the way home only to have her immediately ask for “ducks!” she found the little llama farm on the way home while I was illegally chatting away with Steve on my cell

“push Bailey” (which sort of sounded like push button)
this one deserves a bigger explanation

At pick up yesterday I walked in to find my daughter in time out. She raced towards me, tears streaming down her face, burying her head into my shoulder (but kindly wiping away the pools of wet from my shirt – good girl). The new afternoon girl Katie shared that Caroline had just been put in time out for pushing Bailey to the ground. Poor Bailey. Caroline was so upset and when I looked at her face I saw not anger or scorn, but regret. We waited for Bailey to finish getting a clean diaper and Caroline apologized to her with a hug. She spent the rest of the way home telling me that she “push Bailey.” When Steve arrived home she gleefully whipped the front door open full of smiles, only to race away and hide her face when he walked in. Her first words to him were sad and apologetic, “push Bailey.” We never get reports of her acting out like this and she was clearly not comfortable with her new role as aggressor. I reminded her just as Katie did that we do not push our friends. She knew what she had done was wrong, now was the time to comfort her. I told her that it was okay because I knew she was a good girl and it was an accident. Sometimes accidents happen.


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