a ruse to watch "Lion?" I think not

I am having trouble keeping my eyes open today. Caroline woke up Monday morning just after 3, coughing herself awake. I changed her diaper and realized she was not bring difficult, but was shaking and burning up. I took her upstairs to our room and Steve held her tightly while the shakes went away. We realized she was up for good when her cough became well, a bit more productive. Steve changed my pillowcase while I took her downstairs to watch “Lion.” She watched it twice, all the way through both times. Her fever went away with some Motrin and I closed my eyes in an attempt to rest my body. I had ordered Steve back to bed because he was working and I knew I could catch a catnap myself at naptime, which I hoped in vain would be longer than usual. It wasn’t, but an angel named Steve brought me cheddar broccoli soup for lunch. Her fever came and went throughout the day, but her sprits were high. We even hit the market for some missing dinner ingredients and I let her walk “like a big girl.” A mistake I will not be duplicating anytime soon, though it did produce a few cute stories. (heading directly for Daddy’s Favorite Granny Smith apples because we always get those first, pressing her face against the bakery case going “ummmmm” over and over at the sweets lined up in rows) We had a very lazy day yesterday and when Steve came home to a ready to hit the table meal, he asked me how I was still awake. It had to be pure adrenalin because no sooner than my daughter went to bed did I leap under the covers myself.

My working hypothesis is that we were just dealing with a little change of season sickness. Bright and sunny and then cold and rainy and on and on. That cough is pretty standard around here when she is feeling a bit under the weather. Today the cough remains, but she appears well in all other respects.

Last year she was sick for Easter, so sick that we really should have stayed home. Funny how cyclical sickness can be.

We did have a great weekend up until that point. Caroline enjoyed some time with her Kiki and Papa. The McFam spent some time with the C3s and Marc including a late dinner out with the two kids at her favorite restaurant, PF Changs. The kids did great and Uncle Marc spoiled them both with attention and affection. Got to reconnect with Amy and Erin at Kelly’s surprise bridal shower. You’d think an afternoon AWAY from the children would allow us some space to talk about other things, but of course the kids dominated our conversation and we all enjoyed sharing our war stories, giving and seeking advice. Hope Erin was taking notes, she and Brian are expecting their first in September!


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