Although it is school picture day at school today, we asked Mr. Eric if we could postpone until Thursday in hopes that by then Caroline’s nose will have healed a bit. I think Steve and I agree that a photo of her in her current state is not something we would purchase or hand out to family for their wallets and fridges.

She had a little fall on Sunday while visiting a recovering Uncle Bub and my parents up in Western MA. The weather is finally nice and Caroline exemplifies zest for life; constantly racing around the yard, throwing herself to the ground to more closely examine that piece of grass, telling us “right back. stay here.” Mr. Eric says she is “wreckless” on the playground and is surprised that she hasn’t gotten hurt before now.

She cried for more than 30 minutes straight on Sunday after she fell on the pavement scraping her knee, her elbow, and severely skinning her nose. I walked her around the entire block and neither song nor flying birdies could distract her from the terribleness of her little injuries. When I had thoroughly sweat though my shirt, exhausted myself from carrying her bulk, and adequately covered my shoulders in baby girl snots I was considering packing it up and heading out. I sat in the grass with her in one last attempt to calm her down & she fell asleep. I would need a nap too if I cried that hard for that long! It wasn’t long before she was showing Nana how to pop bubbles on Mommy’s iPhone and racing all over the place again. She’s resilient and also forgetful.

After all the sun and fun and unseasonable HEAT, we thought a short shower with me might cool her down and help her to sleep better. She had picked at her dinner and refused water for most of the afternoon. At 4:30 we got a wake up call from a feverish toddler who declared “Downstairs, TV.” Boy, does she know the sick in the middle of the night routine or what? She drank a sippy of ice cold water and asked for more and after just that one dose of Motrin her fever vanished, never to return again. Caroline was clingy for most of the day, napping with me midmorning, and then again later in the afternoon. By the time Steve got home from work she was playing outside at her sand and water table, totally her adorable little self.

Universe, I have heard you. I understand fully that my daughter, much like her father, is a not a fan of heat. I get that she does not quite grasp the concept of “taking it easy” on hot days. She has but one speed; maximum. I know now that if need be, I must force ice cold liquids and frozen juice treats into her body or she will quickly become dehydrated. Caroline had all the signs and lord knows whatever liquids she had in her body were cried out post fall.

The wreckless one is at school today, her brightly smiling self returned. She is ready to take on the week, just not a photo.


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