don't like snow white

Monday was dreary. Normally we would get ourselves organized and hit the library for Toddler Time, but I made a sick call to the pediatrician to check out the loathsome cough that continues to plague our house. Technically they want to see kids who have had a cough for more than 3 days. Seriously, 3 days? There is no way any illness is going to clear up in 3 days, let alone a yucky wakes your baby up while she sleeps cough. So you can guess how I feel about that particular “guideline.” I have my own guideline called “it’s still hanging around a week later?” So I picked up the phone at 9am to snag the earliest appointment and instead managed a piss poor 10:45, making Toddler Time with Miss A an impossibility. On a day like Monday that signaled the white flag of surrender. We were dressed, snacks was packed up, pigtails were done… it was time for a movie. Lousy weather sucks the life out of me. The only thing I could imagine doing was snuggling under a blanket with my energetic Caroline.

I chose Snow White because she has watched it a few times, but had never proclaimed her love for this princess. I wanted it to be as easy a transition to putting on coats as possible when 10:30 rolled around. Well, wouldn’t you know my little princess watches me take out the DVD “don’t like Snow White.” Perfect, I thought.

10:30 rolled around and I paused the movie resulting in an absolute fit from my toddler who had suddenly and inexplicably fallen head over heels for Snow White and the seven adoring dwarves. Wha??

At the doctor and all during the quickie errands I ran on our way home it was all Snow White this and Snow White that and I thought, well that happened fast. She could not have been happier when we got home and unpaused the movie. She could not have been more sad when it ended and I put her down for her nap. I promised we could watch it later, but it seems that her memory has improved greatly recently because the first words out of her mouth post nap were “want to watch Snow White” and she meant business.

This happens with movies and Caroline. She watches one thing to DEATH and in absolute desperation we entice her with a new one to keep ourselves from slowly losing our minds. She then becomes focused on that one movie and so forth. It’s a vicious cycle. I could feel badly that she watches movies like this, but then things like this happen...

Last night before bed we had perhaps our deepest conversation yet. “Ticka ticka ticka ate the apple? Snow White fall down? Apple on the ground?” Trust me, when you have this talk before bed all you can think about are terrible nightmares about that wicked queen you had as a child and woah, it rushes you into effective parenting pretty quickly. I reassured her that the apple made her sleep and that the Prince would come to kiss her and wake her up. The overarching message was that Snow White was good and kind and she would wake up again… and that we would watch it again tomorrow.

I never realized how many good lessons are in this movie:

- True beauty lies on the inside and that like the Queen, people can be beautiful on the outside, but ugly on the inside
- The importance of being kind to others
- Never talk to strangers, let them in your house, or accept poisoned fruit from them
- That furry forest animals love to listen to young princesses sing

When I went to wake her this morning she turned over and looked at me with the most concerned look, “Watch Snow White.” Even sleep could not erase her new obsession.


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