If it’s not one thing, it’s another. We’ve been watching Caroline’s eyes since Sunday when we noticed some yellow gook in the corner of one of her right eye. I chaulked it up to her tossing sand into the wind on Saturday. Monday the gook was in both her eyes and with all the whining, it was oozing out quite often. There was no puffiness, no redness, no obvious irritation. Last night after school, still gooky and I began to consider whether or not I should call the pedi. I conferred with Nurse Kiki twice who reassured me that school would have called if they suspected conjunctivitis. She’s right! I considered my schedule today and picked up the phone to place an inquiry with the pedi, “at what point would I need to call them if this doesn’t clear up on its own?”

Thankfully, they said that if she was still showing symptoms today that they could phone in a RX to the pharmacy. THANK GOD!!! An office visit just was not going to happen. When she woke up this morning all crusty with one red eye, I picked up the phone at 9am on the dot and requested to speak to a nurse. The RX has already been called into the pharmacy and Steve is picking it up at lunch.

The dilemma is this. She is to be considered contagious despite the fact that the drops we are giving are more of a precaution. School has not made one single mention of the eye gook. I find it difficult to imagine that NO ONE there has cleaned her eyes. I suspect that they take this stuff pretty seriously. My schedule is PACKED this afternoon, so packed that I could not possibly get her and bring her back to work with me. I am feeling pretty guilty knowing that she is at school, potentially infecting her entire classroom gooking up toys while also feeling pretty assured in my decision to keep her there because we have not had any communication with school. So pretty much I feel like I am doing the right/wrong thing. Parental guilt.

It ought to be real fun trying to put these drops into her eyes tonight considering that we couldn’t even force her to open her eyes this morning so Steve could see the redness in her left one. My plan of attack: The element of surprise, which I am fully aware will only work on one eye.


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