left in the dust or marching to her own drummer?

After drop off this morning I received a text from Steve, “Julianna and Sonny are in underwear.” I’ve talked about not putting potty pressure on Caroline. I said I wanted her to be ready in her own time and I still feel that way despite the news that her two best girlfriends have opted out of diaper changes. I can speak on the topic of my daughter’s stubbornness in great length, but I think just reminding you that she is a bit headstrong is all you really need.

I texted Steve back that this was great news because it means they will be working with her too. I imagined the three of them headed into the kiddie restroom together and my Caroline wanting to be like them and I have to admit that I had the biggest smile on my face. Seriously – it must be amazing to NOT have to change diapers and even better to NOT have to purchase them. I know much better than to push her, but Sonny and Julianna's new skills might just be the motivation she needs. I plan to fully exploit it.

Later Steve and I organized ourselves a little lunch date. I wanted to know more about the potty training discussion. Ladies and gentleman, there was no discussion. My husband merely overheard Sonny’s mother inquiring about accidents, assuring that her daughter wears a diaper at naptime and Michelle giving Caroline the stink eye that she is the only older girl to not be trained yet as Julianna is in undies all the time now. He did not ask what they are doing with her, how they are doing it, what we should do to reinforce, or even how long they have been trained. I was a little annoyed at first because COME ON, we’ve known Michelle for 2 years at this point, but really in retrospect he has known me for 8 years and he knows I like to get info right from the source. Well played old man. Plus, now I can also get more information about the sprinkler stuff they sent home yesterday. Apparently Caroline is going to be playing on the playground in some sort of crazy sprinkler situation when the weather really heats up. I need to organize appropriate attire and footwear. How awesome is it being a kid? I ask you – wouldn’t sprinkler playtime be so much more fun without an annoying diaper? How can I convince my daughter that this is the case??


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