married they be

Kelly and Marc are probably already out under their hut on Eagle Beach in Aruba considering when to order their first cocktail of the day; before or after a swim? Steve and I had such a great time celebrating with them and many good friends on Saturday. The bride was beautiful, the groom executed amazing air guitar, and the couple closed down the hotel bar at 1am. I already loaded the photos up to picasa and it should surprise NO ONE that the groom has already replied to my emailed link.

While Steve and I enjoyed two nights away from our little sweetheart, she raced up and down the beach, tossing rocks, and braving a toe dip in the frigid surf. When we arrived I noted Caroline's newest feature – a spray of tiny freckles across the bridge of her nose.

We are so amazingly grateful to Kiki, Papa, and Auntie k for taking her on and for giving her such a great weekend full of special memories. She woke up from her nap on the ride home to CT Monday with a “where Papa’s house?” It gets harder and harder to make the trip back south all while she becomes easier and easier to travel with. Saying "bye" to the beach hurts a little bit more each time we plot the course to CT and call up the 511 traffic reports.

Back to the grind… in a few weeks we’ll be headed back up for an entire week with the McFam on the Vineyard. A family wedding has given us an amazing opportunity to spend some real quality time together and we are all looking forward to it.


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