Looking back at photos from this time last year, it is hard to imagine that I might someday title a post “pigtails”.

Yet, most days we have the same discussion over a scrapbook organizer tray turned hair elastic carryall. “What color piggies do you want today?”

Even if Caroline says she doesn’t want pigtails, she finds it difficult to fight the urge to select a color out of the box. Toddler Trick: CHOICES. With me at the Mommy helm, it isn’t do you want them, but instead what color should they be? I fight my neurotic mind to not advocate for a coordinating color to match whatever she is wearing. Choice seems to make the whole pigtail process easier, though I have yet to find a way to get her to stay still long enough to get them in and even.

If her hair blew out nice and curly after a bath, I try to let her go footloose and pigtail free the following day. Once we hit the day two or three though, there is no ignoring the need for hair elastics. Her hair is out of control and being a Mom with stick straight hair I am at a total loss as to how to work with her hair. It isn’t quite long enough to let it go yet. I’ll put it this way, most days when she wakes up we have a good chuckle. She brings new meaning to bed head.

That being said, I love her curls. I love springing them, shaping them, twirling them. I love their softness and how they are positively not from me.

We are finally getting to the point where we can ALMOST pull all her hair into two curly pigtails. Her hair is almost thick enough to go in barrettes alone. What next Moms of curly haired children?


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