rip, rip

As the super mega BJ’s diaper box dwindles away for the month and we are faced with purchasing yet another one, we did some soul searching this weekend about potty training yet again. Without any fanfare here on mccashew, Caroline managed to make a small deposit at school recently with Mr. Eric after a 15-minute sit down. We raved, we clapped, we scratched our heads.

Steve and I are both very much in the “she’ll do it when she’s ready” camp. While we smother her with praise for telling us she needs a new diaper, we are hesitant to move her any faster along than she seems comfortable with.

We were home this past weekend with few planned activities, the perfect opportunity to determine her readiness. So we did it. We made a HUGE deal on about the potty and big girl underwear and she sat for 20 minutes watching a movie in the morning, sucking down juice. As soon as we were in the thick of it we realized it was a huge error – she now associated movie watching with the potty. I tried the setting a timer method, she resisted, I backed off, she cried when she wet her diaper. We abandoned ship.

At this point, we know she probably COULD be trained. Our plan was to keep talking about the potty, keep encouraging her involvement in putting dirty diaper contents into the real potty, helping mommy potty (trust me, she has this part down), and see what happens.

Then Sunday came and suddenly our little girl was stripping herself down at every opportunity to sit on the potty. She’d sit for a moment, look in to see what was happening and then request a new diaper.

**I learned a good trick at her school for putting diapers on standing up. Open diaper, stick the tape to their hips, pull the diaper through the legs and attach tape to diaper. So brilliant.**

All day we kept hearing the ripping of the diaper tape and it felt like every time we turned our backs for a moment she was not scaling the bookcase, but taking off her diaper. As evening rolled around her potty behavior became more intense. Turns out our daughter prefers to poop in a fresh new diaper and really, who wouldn’t???? She did the same thing last night, asking Steve for a new diaper. She knew she had to go and for now I’ll take that. She’s getting it cognitively, the rest will follow.


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