the singular exception

Terri’s comment on yesterdays’ post scared the beejesus out of me. Imagining the number and frequency of stops we could potentially make on our way home with a potty-trained toddler leaves just one solution; we must move immediately.

There seems to be a new routine at night these days. Caroline defers her evening storytime to go right to bed only to remain wide-awake and chatting away until well after 9PM. Last night over the monitor we heard random jibber jabber, loud proclamations of “NO!” and whiny cries for Mommy or Daddy. I wish I could figure why she would rather spend upwards of 90 minutes in her crib instead of storytime, but that seems to be the norm recently.

In fact, she isn’t all that into storytime either. She wants to flip through the pages herself, say lines she knows, skip multiple pages altogether. Caroline is a far different girl than she used to be, suddenly too independent for story reading? The singular book that she will allow me to read to her without an all out battle (and they are epic battles for me to convince her that the words to Cat and the Hat really do make the story better) is "The Little Flower Girl." Auntie C gave this book to Caroline so she can prepare for and get super excited about her role of flowergirl on the big day in January. Yesterday long after we had prepared dinner, played in the sink and spilled cheese all over the counter I read this book to her three times in a row while we snuggled on the sofa waiting for Daddy to return home. It is a little tricky to read when you switch every “Uncle Jim” to Auntie Colleen, every “Melissa” to Uncle Hokie (with the exception of the reference to Melissa's big white dress of course), and every “Louisa” to Caroline. She’s loving it – especially when I gasp at Caroline’s beautiful gold flower girl dress and point out her shiny new shoes. We’ve got this thing locked up Auntie C. She’s going to be wonderful!


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