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BEWARE: This post is unedited due to a complete bear of a day that sucked the life out of me. TGITh!!!

No, not appetizers.

Steve recently sent me the link to this article because he thought it would make a good post for the blog. I suspect that this will be the closest McCashew ever is to a guest post by Mr. McCashew. We’ll take what we can get.

Pre-Baby Kerri would probably have read this and “tsk, tskd” these parents. Handing an expensive electronic gadget to a child? What happened to books? Educational toys? AND applications for Mommy’s little toy created just to amuse junior, I would have been rolling on the ground. Mommy Kerri loves her iPhone and I had fully planned on keeping it out of my wreckless toddler’s paws until I watched her slide it off the dining room table one afternoon and operate it almost as well as her mother. In no time at all she was sliding through photos, clicking icons, and exiting applications just like a grown up 29 years her senior. Somehow the phone can keep up with her VERY limited attention span going back and forth with ease from one to the next. So it soon became an amusement for situations of the "oh crap we’ve exhausted all the available distractions" variety; restaurants, in the doctor’s office. I found that if it was readily available she was less interested in it – the ol’ reverse psychology thing really does work.

Once I saw my daughter mastering photo flipping I wondered if there were applications that were at her level, that might actually be educational, and when I looked I was overwhelmed. I started downloading mostly free toddler apps for her and ended up creating an page of about 8 apps on my gadget just for her. I find that this limits the accidental phone calls she makes.

So here are my favs. What are yours???

App Name, “What Caroline Calls It” (if she has a name for it)
What it is.

Dress Chica, “Chicken”
From Sprout, which we don’t even have in our area. This does not make her love it any less. Toddlers drag various items of clothing; clown nose, princess hat, guitar onto Chica the Chicken. You can save and send their creations via email.

Peekaboo, “Farm”
An animal game. An animated barn shakes and makes an animal noise. Toddler presses the screen to reveal the animal. A child’s voice states the name of animal. AND repeat. At the end they all go to sleep, which is her favorite part… and we rarely get to it because again, limited attention span.

TT Quizzing
A quiz game for toddlers. “Press the 6.” It removes incorrect answers and cheers loudly for correct ones. After a few questions kids get a virtual sticker to put on the screen. She is still far too impatient for this one, banging on the screen repeatedly before it sets itself for the next question, but I think it will be awesome soon.

iTot Cards, “Animals”
This is MY personal favorite; a series of flashcards of several categories like food, animals, colors. There is a real photo of the item with the word as well as the Spanish and French translation. She loves these and the alligator always seems to lead us into the story of the time she saw the alligator “dinosaur” movin’ at the Rainforest CafĂ© although the new adaption has her FIBBING and telling us that it bit her hand!?!? Wha????

ABCsFree, “ABC”
Still a bit too advanced because of the precision required with the button pushing, but she loves it. A button touch scrolls through the letters one by one along with the appropriate ABC song note. It’s cute.

Bubbles, “Bubbles”
She loves this one and will take an adult finger and use it to operate the game. Bubbles continuously appear from the bottom of the screen and a finger touch will pop them. Endless fun.

Scribble Lite
A simple drawing tool. It’s easy and she can start over with just a shake of the screen.

Just like it sounds, a sheet of bubble wrap. It’s a real game though, with a timer and everything. She likes this because I encourage her to pop the bubbles faster. Her Uncle Bub recently got the high score.

Tic Tac Toe. She has no idea about the x’s and o’s but she enjoys filling in the boxes. She might let you play with her, but don’t even think you are going to be taking turns with this one.


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