Yesterday I mentioned that I was happy to see Caroline had kept her diaper on Monday night at bedtime. The big girl pants Nana and Granda brought her Sunday were a HUGE success; she wanted to open the package right away to put them on over her diaper. Not wanting to squelch her enthusiasm, we complied, even allowing her to wear them to bed with her regular nighttime Pull Up. After Lester’s no hitter got broken up in the seventh and my parents had headed home sure they were no longer in danger of jinxing the pitcher, I casually checked on our little girl to be sure she was not too hot. (She likes to put the blankets over her head creating a sweaty toddler sauna.) There in her crib were her pj pants perfectly placed over George as a blanket, her undies down around her knees, the Pull Up not far behind ripped completely open on one side. I tried to call Steve through the monitor to assist me but my whispers were inaudible over the Sox game. I had a good chuckle over it once I realized she and her bed were dry. What a sight!

When I tried to remove her Princess pants in the morning to change her diaper she begged me to let her keep them on. So I threw my hands up and said go for it. We let her run around in her big girl pants sans diaper all morning. When I discovered her soaking wet after a large cup of juice, her not caring one bit, the diaper went back on under duress. I allowed her to keep the princess pants on over her diaper for the rest of the day.

My conclusion – she wants to wear the big girl pants, she’s just not cognitively ready. I just continue to encourage her and let her take the lead and consider her wanting to wear them as a great sign of future readiness and enthusiasm. I am sure it will help us oodles down the road. Until then is it ok for me to allow her to wear the big girl undies - aren't they an enticing treat to being potty trained?

On Monday when I put her down for her nap I heard the familiar sound of diaper tabs ripping open and sure enough discovered her commando again when I was sure she was asleep. She’s sick of diapers, she wants to be a big girl, but my baby isn’t quite ready to take the plunge.


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