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Vineyard trip commences in t-minus 4 hours. We hope to have the car packed, the house secured, and the toddler enjoying her first movie at 5pm, which should put us at the beach around 7:45pm. We honestly could have left last night; the level of packing in the house was at an absolute frenzied level. Lists were made and left next to the cooler for easy packing this afternoon. Things were checked off the DO NOT FORGET list twice, three times for good measure. Saying we are ready for this trip is an understatement!

We tried to keep things to a minimum. We’re lucky enough to be staying all together in a house that has a washer/dryer so I was able to justify a limited amount of clothing for the ladies. Even culled down to what qualifies as necessities, the pile by the door is alarmingly large. Of course very little of that pile is for Steve and I. The rest belongs to the princess. (Clothing, beach bag which is currently holding books, magazines, and movies, food stuffs that would either get stale or for our snacky snacker, “FWI bag” for diapers, wipes, potty, beach pails, puzzles, and other amusements, Diaper bag, which also holds the diaper bag (also full of baby doll necessities) for Baby doll, Doll Stroller, George, Baby Doll, Bag for Mommy and Caroline with pjs, clothes for ferry, 2 diapers, and one night time pull up so we don’t have to remove ANYTHING from the car.) It’s a lot.

We are very much looking forward to an enjoyable trip and especially for Lauren and Vijay’s wedding on Saturday. With the ceremony in Edgartown and the reception up island in West Tisbury, it is sure to be a truly unique wedding celebration and when the whole McClan descends upon one tiny island – well, let’s just hope they are ready for us.

I will try to ignore the fact that the sitter has neither replied to my confirmation email or voice mail. Panicking JUST a bit, but I have 2 other sitters in the wings who MAY still be available. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

The Vineyard has a special history for Steve and I. My first trip was for his cousin Kelly’s wedding in 2001 just before college graduation. Steve took me back to celebrate 6 months of dating (ahhh!) that fall the weekend of September 11th. We skated from Oak Bluffs to Edgartown & back and enjoyed a getaway from the media and the oppressive sadness. We so enjoyed ourselves that we began to take yearly trips to the Vineyard renting houses with friends, first as mostly singles, then as mostly commiteds. Road to the Party, Party Circle. We’ve had some great times out there on that island that feels so far, but really isn’t. We stopped going once people settled down and started families. I know I speak for both of us when I say that we have hopes for a future back on the Vineyard in July, renting a house together with our friends and their FAMILIES. Perhaps we’ll skip urinating next to ATMs in plain sight of Edgartown police, or riding van cabs home at 2am from Oak Bluffs, or fighting over egg and cheese sandwiches late night from that hole in the wall by the harbor. Perhaps not. Either way – we’ll always see it as our island. We're excited to share it with Caroline, though in a whole different way than how we experienced it in our carefree youth and sadly without a peppercini eating contest at the News. BOO News for getting rid of the peppercini jar on the table - BOOO!!! Your sandwiches still rock.

Our photos are sure to be different (I kept the ones below as TAME as possible; the truth lies in the captions) this time around, but we’ll leave with that same easy feeling only the Vineyard can stamp you with.

Reggae night Oak Bluffs, later he sported a "I Friggin Rock" label from a Molson (I have more photos of Molson labels) on his forehead, but since we are all so grown up now, I chose this one instead to focus on how YOUNG we were the last time we did this trip - 2004, the summer before we got married.

I chose this one of Marc and Steve because the next best option was their post tequila shot faces. Marc now enjoys "adult vacations" with bedtimes preferably before 10:30PM, but we can't wait to travel with him again anyway.

Sean still dances like this at weddings. He's married now with a kid. A few frames ahead he bent back and tried to "wear" that bride's veil while sporting a flower he picked up GOD knows where in his mouth.

That's my brother, a wee lad of only 22 at the time. One of the best parts of these trips was a week solid with him and the biggest container of UTZ cheeseballs you ever saw.

McCashew won't be taking a hiatus. I'll be flooding the site with down island photos galor.


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