We have returned

The McFam is home in CT, with plans to spend the rest of the weekend doing as little as possible. We've been blessed with some great sun and warm temps, which quite honestly we would have much preferred last week. The weather did present a challenge for the big family vacay - but we more than managed. Imagine what you would do in a house with six other adults and one cabin fevered toddler who randomly decides that "THIS WEEK, I think I'm going to wake up at 5:30." Now for giggles add in a crazy day with 50 mph wind and rain. I know what you're thinking and I want to assure you that while we were all quite bummed by the weather, it was an incredibly relaxing, fun-filled, memory making, laugh until you cry week. That tends to happen when you have such great affection for the people you happen to be stuck in the house with. I'd say for beach loving people, we got along just fine considering our one and only stop at the beach was during a particularly windy and rainy moment.

There was FREE fudge, Caro's first Flying Horses ride, old college drinking games with the cousins, drinks out at the Shanty and The Wharf, clam chowder that made me cry it was so good times 2, Mad Martha's Snickers ice cream, late night antics by the light of the MOON, good movies (Hokie, take note I do not in anyway include Mystery, Alaska in the good movie set), afternoon naps, a fancy dinner out for Steve & I thanks to Kiki, Papa, and Auntie k of course, and an absolutely picture perfect day to bid adieu to the island and allow us shutterbugs to take exactly one million photos of our little muse.

Let's not forget the stars of the week; Lauren and Vijay who could turn the greatest cynic into a believer that there is just one right person out there for each of us. Their happiness was obvious from start to finish and we wish them an amazing and happy life together. I will more than take all the wet weather we had most of the week because on Friday night and Saturday the weather was perfection, just as it should have been for them. It truly was as if some greater force parted the clouds and lassoed the sun for them.

Lots and LOTS of photos up in Picasa, with more to come.


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