billy and blogher

I opened my calendar this morning at work and breezed right by today’s appointments to note some pretty exciting notations; Billy Joel/Elton John this weekend (YAY!!!!) and BlogHer next week (WHAT!?!!??!).

I am definitely getting anxious about the conference next week. Of course there is the whole solo flight out to Chicago thing, which is probably my biggest concern. I don’t think I have flown alone since 2002. I know a large part of this is the mom traveling apart from my family thing which has become incredibly stressful and scary. Last year when we flew without Caroline to Nashville I was in panic mode on both flights until our landing gear hit the pavement and we slowed to a more reasonable speed. Then there are the logistics of getting up to Boston and to the airport in a way that will least disrupt Kiki & Caroline. I would like prevent any amount of piteous traffic post airport drop. I so appreciate her taking Caroling for the evening and next day while Steve makes his way from work to the beach. Once I’ve landed safely (because I will land safely), the anxiety will just continue as I navigate a city I have never visited, wonder aloud and to myself if I brought appropriate clothing (All the blog posts meant to assure me that it was appropriate to wear whatever I want as long as I am comfortable actually brought on this concern. “If there are so many people worried about this should I be worried about it to?” So thanks bloggers for getting me all riled up!), and then the conference itself. I am so excited, but seriously people even this “handles meeting new people well girl” is a little overwhelmed at the thought of all those strangers. I know that the conference will be what I make of it and I plan on making it wonderful.

Instead of focusing on the crazy conference let’s talk about Billy Joel & Elton John this weekend at Gillette! Steve and I saw Billy and Elton in Boston in 2003 and it was such an amazing concert. Billy playing Billy stuff, Billy playing Elton, Elton playing Elton, Elton playing Billy, Elton and Billy playing together. Saying we are excited about this concert does not do our enthusiasm justice!

We're heading up to my parents' place on Friday night and we plan on hitting Red Rose with them for some 'za and house salad. I am hungry just thinking of that salad! Saturday Steve and I will wake up and head out to the Foxboro area to gather up the troops and food for pre-concert tailgating. I don't even know what time the show starts. Marc and Steve are organizing, so I don't need to know any of the real details. They are a good team when it comes to planning and execution.

It will be difficult for any concert in my lifetime to ever top last summer's Last Play at Shea , but it will be pretty amazing to see Billy and Elton together again. (Wow, there are a lot of errors in that post, but I think they speak to my combined exhaustion and excitement so I'm leaving them alone.) To add to the fun, we’re going with Marc and Kelly. Steve and I got four tickets for a Billy Joel concert in Boston years ago. Marc had just started seeing Kelly. I think we all sensed that there was just something different about this girl. I had jokingly told him I refused to meet another girl until he was sure that there was going to be some sort of real relationship with her. He assured me that this girl was different. Kelly had casually mentioned to him that she wanted to attend the concert and he planned to surprise her close to the concert date with the tickets to the show. He knew it would make her so happy. We met up with them at the Beerworks pre show for dinner. Kelly and Marc were completely adorable; singing along to songs they knew, staring at each other when they were lost in the lyrics. After we exited the Garden and said our goodbyes at the North Station train entrance, I looked at Steve and said, “he is absolutely smitten.” Marc, our perpetual bachelor, was head over heels for Kelly and so it was and would be for their lifetime.

Can’t wait to spend the night singing along with you guys again.


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