blogher 09 in bullets

* flight grounded due to mechanical issues, good fortune placed me in the airport while most of my fellow passengers had already been invited to board giving me the opp to to approach the gate attendant and secure a seat on the very next flight before the masses deplaned and crowded the gate. I have decided that flight was doomed, but I was so bummed to be missing the first unofficial night

* sleepover style late night Thursday with Pocklock and SJC laughing till it hurt and feeling that at any moment someone's mom was going to come and tell us to GO TO BED already

* a VERY early morning frantic wake up call from Steve who never received my text that my later flight had in fact landed safely in Chicago because when you think your wife might be dead of course your first inclination is to CALL the dead woman. I understand his concern, but my roomies were lining up to beat him, especially when he called back TWICE more. Love you steve.

* first session made me feel a bit boxed in - I don't think I need a tribe - do you? my space, my rules.

* Pocklock describing day one "it feels like I am on cocaine, but I've never actually done cocaine"

* the PR rep who chose the wrong seat at lunch right next to yours truly, though I am sure she is a lovely wonderful woman IRL

* finding balance in our lives is really just finding sanity and hearing that said out loud made me feel instant relief and validation

* the mother of a speaker was present at her session "so proud," "so nice to be able to read about her life"

* women talking not just about their own balance issues, but including the men in their lives and how they are also striving to achieve balance. Boys, we all nodded in unison, you are doing a great job at being involved, connected, successful, amazing partners and fathers

* "blogging is narrative non-fiction"

* session on patient bloggers... Uh-MAZING! inspiring, emotional, frustrating, transforming - the catalyst for my next big project

* the devastatingly hilarious keynote, no wait... the emotionally devastating keynote...anndd repeat. wonderful.

* Pocklock "have you ever bounced this much before?" Now you HAVE to tell the story. Nah NAH.

* taking in the city with Pocklock on a perfect day with stops at the bean, the waterfront, a hidden cooling pool within a wildflower garden, sushi (cooked for the preggo) and many life stories of strangely overlapping pasts

* being advised that to be funny I need to be willing to humiliate myself

* after all the stressing about what to wear to look blissfully expecting and not too many twinkies I finally on my OUT of the conference looked at myself in the mirror and thought, Cashew - you are NOT vain - embrace your miracle mac and show off that belly. too bad it took me the whole time to feel this way - better late than never. I've been walking proud in snug tops since.


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