btf: gulp & regret

June 9, 2008

First dose. I sat at the dinner table, pill bottle in hand, looked at Steve, looked at Caroline, hesitated and downed my first Metformin. GULP.

June 11, 2008

Holy long-term memory lapse! How is is possible that I forgot about the headaches, the really terrible GI ickiness, and the incredible irritability that these pills caused last time. Wishing I had a blog from back then to read back on what exactly I could expect and for how long! This morning I threatened to trash the entire pile o' clothes on Steve's side of the bed if they were not put away by the end of the weekend. (This is an ongoing issue for me that I should just table after nearly 7 years sharing space with Steve. He likes piles more than the dresser. What business is it of mine really??) Miraculously the area was neat and tidy minutes later, an eerie reminder of just how irritated and/or irrational I can be on these pills and the effects they can have on those around me. I am sitting here feeling nauseous and achy and also overcome with regret for taking out all my ickiness on the person I love most.


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