still rock n roll to me

The boys executed the tailgate plans perfectly – lots of laughs, a way too early game of flip cup, and two bite brownies that I could not stop eating. We headed into the show just before the official start and caught the first few songs as we snaked our way up to our seats. We weren’t alone, plenty of other people were belting out Your Song and Just the Way You Are right along with us. We could not have asked for better weather; even my husband described the evening as “perfect.” That requires emphasis: even Steve thought the evening weather was perfection.

I’m listing the set list here, but it is more for us to have to look back on that anything. If something isn’t written down here, odds are I will lose it or forget it eventually. I was that girl furiously typing the list into her iPhone Notes all through the show.

Billy and Elton:
your song
just the way you are
don’t let the sun go down on me
my life

funeral for a friend
tiny dancer
goodbye yellow brick road
rocket man
I’m still standing
crocodile rock

angry young man
anthony’s song
don’t ask me why
she’s always a woman
river of dreams/dirty water (which was AWESOME!)
we didn’t start the fire
still rock n roll to me
only the good die young

Billy and Elton:
guess that’s why they call it the blues
uptown girl
the bitch is back
you may be right

candle in the wind
piano man

Nana and Granda had a blast with Caroline. When I was packing her up to head back Sunday afternoon I said, “we’re going to have to thank Nana and Granda for such a fun weekend!” Her reply “I don’t want to say goodbye.” Special thanks to my parents for making it possible for us to attend what turned out to be an amazing concert.

We’ll just all banish all reminders of the parking lot after the show which was far less than amazing.

Steve was away last night so Caroline and I continued our tradition of breakfast for dinner girls night. When she started asking for Steve before dinner I told her it was just us and she looked at me and said, “pancakes?” This is one tradition that is clearly cemented into our family life. Last night we did it up extra special with homemade Belgian waffles, strawberries and whipped cream. It was a huge hit.


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