things I need to remember

If you were to walk into the McHouse these days, you’d very likely hear muffled giggles, shhhhing, and calls for “Da-eeee!” Caroline is playing a new game where she races up the stairs to hide in our bed, under the covers, sometimes with her baby and sometimes without. She removes her shoes with gusto before diving under the comforter, pulling the fluffy corner under her head and smiling wide. She sshes me frantically before calling for Steve to come and find us. We’re hiding afterall.

I can hear myself in her and not just because she seems to parrot everything I say. Though, let’s not kid ourselves here, she is QUITE the parrot. Exhibit A – the bank where I filled out the ridiculous deposit slip incorrectly (SIDENOTE: Really BOA? Are these still necessary???) and said “Shoot!” I have never been so grateful to have said “shoot” because it shot right back out of Caroline’s mouth.

At the grocery store as we approach the door, before I can open my mouth to tell her what we were doing there, she lays it all out for me.

“Get the carriage!”
“This one wet!”
“Won’t come out!”

The latter are things I say all the time when we are getting our carriage; one might be wet from all the rain we’ve had or it might be too stuck for me to separate from the line with just one arm. I soak all this in, aware that the tiniest details are being absorbed. She can identify which apples we need (granny smiths for Steve) and as we enter the meat section she shouts that she is “cold!”

She’s not immune from trying to get me to imitate her though. In fact, she can be quite bossy. Just yesterday morning she began drinking the milk from the bottom of her Cheerio bowl, BLECH! She directed me to “take your spoon out Mommy” and drink my milk too, which I reluctantly pretended to do, complete with plenty of “yums!”

Life right now is a wonderful mix of moments like these and not getting my way screaming jumping up and downs, but the mix makes it interesting and exciting and so worth it.


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