My calendar must be wrong. It's really April 2nd today isn't it?
It is almost hard to imagine that in just a few hours we’ll be cruising traffic free up to the beach for the holiday weekend. Pardon me while I try to appeal to the traffic gods. We’re crossing our fingers in hopes of better weather and a lower high tide for the bonfires and fireworks tomorrow night.

Caroline’s first July 3rd at Humarock was special and wonderful because it was her very first one. She was mesmerized by the seemingly endless line of bonfires up and down the beach. She went right to bed despite the all-nightlong pops from the late night fireworks celebration. If memory serves me right, it was almost chilly on the beach that day, with a wind that would not let up.

Last year she was old enough to be really entertained and Caroline was definitely interested in the lights and fires. When it came time to head to dreamland, it was absolutely out of the question. Every firework pop made her jump from sleepy to alert. I put her in the sling and walked around the block with her for what felt like days. The heat was oppressive. That I know for sure.

This year… is sure to be the best one yet. Mother Nature owes the McFam BIG TIME from last week, so I fully expect calm weather, clear skies, and at least partly sunny bathing suit appropriate afternoons. Are you listening Mother Nature? I am most looking forward to Caroline talking to us about the events of the evening. “What was that?” “I hear that!” “WOAH!” “Bootiful!” She knows we are going to the beach. She knows there will be rock throwing and sand playing. She doesn’t have a clue about the rest of the fun; the nights that Steve and I look forward to most out of the entire year. Two years ago we couldn’t wait to share it with her, if we only realized then that it would just KEEP getting better as time goes on.

Safe and Happy Third/Fourth to all!


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