I leave tomorrow.



Thanks to a newly downloaded checklist app on my trusty iPhone, I am feeling 110% organized with many checklists detailing everything from buying cat food, which forms and agendas I need to print, to packing underwear. I always have great anxiety about the whole preparing to travel thing. I worry about forgetting something irreplaceable or what the weather will like in my destination (hot & sunny with some rain for good measure). I lose sleep over not getting to all the tasks I want to complete before I race out of the house in a whirlwind. I cannot be the only woman on earth who needs to return to a semi-tidy house? I usually have lists hanging around the house pre-trip that I add things to as I think of them. With this new app I can carry my list and my anxiety around with me, which actually has made me a lot less anxious. Go figure.

This morning I checked out the Boston area weather for later this week and weekend and set all Caroline’s clothes out on her changing table to be packed up quickly tonight. Exactly what do you bring when the forecast calls for sun, rain, clouds, cool, & hot in the four days she will be there? These conditions are like my own personal perfect packing storm. Ah, New England. I laid out options, knowing that she will want to spend the majority of her time on the beach anyway regardless of the weather.

All my earlier freaking out about all the details of this trip, which Pocklock can attest to, has given way to pure excitement! When I get overwhelmed thinking about all the strangers and being in a city as foreign to me as Paris, I think back to late February when I booked my BlogHer pass. I was filled with purpose and this little hobby of mine suddenly felt validated. I was not alone in broadcasting my life to anyone who wants to read about it. I was one of many and I was going to meet as many of them as possible. I was GOING! I AM going.

I’ll be twittering and posting photos and going on and on and ON about all things BlogHer and Chicago related. You might get sick of me. I might get sick of me, but it will be documented and it will be wonderful.

I am so grateful to have supportive family making this possible. I am so lucky to have an understanding spouse who gets that this thing I have created here is more to me than just words and photos. I feel honored to be charioting kerry’s no biggie bunch book to Chicago where it will hopefully land in hands that have long searched for this amazing resource. I bring with me the knowledge of just how fortunate I am, and I intend to rock this thing from start to finish.


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