who does that?!?!

There is so much to share about our perfect holiday weekend. We'll skim right past the storm on Friday afternoon, too quick to even dent our evening festivities. The weather was amazing, the company a true delight, and the food PLENTIFUL. There is lots to share, but I need to get this out there first because... well, you'll see.

Sometimes things happen that I think, "oh my god, I HAVE to blog about this!" This story is one of those because I still cannot believe it happened AND you might not believe me when I tell you.

Here is our subject; an oblivious blond pre-teen (pictured here with younger brother digging a hole to China)

As the tide went out, we abandoned a previous spot further up on the beach for cooler sand by the sea. In doing so, we left a few items about 20 feet vertical from our current position; a shirt, flip flops and a tube of sunscreen.
We all watched as the pre-teen approached our abandoned area, picked up the sunscreen, SQUEEZED out a line of screen into the sand (as Kiki pointed out to remove the GERMS of the previous user) and applied sunscreen GENEROUSLY to his upper body. This was not a "my shoulders are cooking I can already feel it" kind of application (not that it would have made his behavior in anyway more acceptable). No, this was a thorough, time consuming sunscreen procedure. His equally oblivious father walked by for the tail end of it never once questioning or glancing as pre-teen tossed the tube back into the sand and walked away, all of us with our jaws on the sand!
Did this really happen???
Seriously pre-teen? Seriously?


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