you did it!!

Steve and I sat downstairs last night watching the All Star Game and wondering aloud what the heck was keeping our precious daughter from drifting off to dreamland at nearly nine o’clock. Caroline was perfectly content up in her room, talking with her toys, pushing the button to restart her music every so often. In fact, she was more than content; she was having a blast!

I started tuning out the game and listening to what she was saying when I heard her start saying “poop.” I can’t be the only Mom whose ears perk up when their potty training toddler utters this word, particularly after bedtime. Was she trying to tell us in some way that her diaper was dirty? Though they are a rarity, the nights when the smell of a dirty diaper greets you as you walk upstairs are not exactly our favorite. I listened closely and it wasn’t long until I heard this exchange with “Baby.”

“You can do it Baby!”
“C’mon, baby, you can do it!”
“You did it Baby! You went poo poo!”
“You did it!!!”
“Nice job Baby, nice job!”

Steve and I laughed more than we probably should have and in typical toddler form, she repeated the whole scenario. Anything fun is repeated at least twice isn’t it? We laughed harder the second time. I grabbed the camera to try to record some of this on video over the monitor, but she shifted gears and moved onto reminding poor George sternly not to touch Baby.

I went up to try to settle her down a bit and she relayed the whole pooping Baby story to me again THIS TIME adding that Baby was a good girl and that meant she got to watch Ariel. This part I find simply HILARIOUS. Some nights she wants to watch a movie after dinner and on those nights she always makes sure we are noticing how much of her dinner she has eaten and what a “good girl” she is being. She tilts her head to the side, opens her eyes extra wide and says things like, “I be good girl, watch Ariel?” Clearly, Baby was being a very good girl and Caroline wanted to reward her with a special movie of course. For the record, we try to stick to “nice job!” and keep away from “good girl” with all things potty related. I find she responds better when we talk about the specific task. I suspect all this stems from our new practice of taking turns sitting on the potty with Baby. She seems to really love that.

The comedy show ended shortly thereafter and when the coast was clear we headed upstairs ourselves, but what a show it was.

One thing is for sure. Caroline has quite an imagination.


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