"baby in my belly"

I officially reserve the right to change my mind at the very last minute, but it appears next Tuesday morning may result in Macadamia’s big gender reveal. I have personally wrestled with this decision. Caroline’s pregnancy placed me firmly in the “find out” camp, while Steve explained the virtues of surprises, appealed to my emotions, encouraged me that it would be so worth the wait. He was right!! Imagine my shock when upon learning we were expecting, all that sweet surprise stuff was tossed to the wind. He is desperate to find out. I am unsure if this is to prepare himself for another girl, to relish in the "I will have a son" glow, or because he just needs to know. He feels very strongly that this baby is a sister, not a brother. I'll keep my guess to myself for now. Ultimately the goal is a happy healthy baby, boy or girl. While a large part of me could stand my ground and pass on the opportunity to find out what we are having, a larger part of me is considering my daughter and how this experience will both change and enrich her life.

Caroline is big on the baby sister wagon lately and it would be infinitely easier to try to explain/break it to her that she is having a brother now (if that is the case) rather than wait until the baby’s birthday. I can almost see the enormous meltdown bedside at the hospital in my mind because "she was having a baby sister, NOT a baby brother." She knows the baby is coming, but she is confused about the details, the biggest of which is who is carrying the baby. Mommy seems to think that she is given the kicks, expanding waistline, and slow digestion. Caroline is adamant that she is and keeps telling us, “baby sister in my belly,” lifting her shirt to reveal her adorable tummy. If you tell her the baby is in Mommy’s belly she gets upset and even more adamant. If I ask her who is in my belly, she ignores me completely hiding behind her hands. Clearly, I am having this baby for my lovely Caroline’s amusement right?

This recent spark of baby interest has further demonstrated that it would be best for us to prepare her with as much specific information about her sibling as possible. Not that this means I will be pushing all my own intentions to the side because let’s face it; I’m intrigued too. This time around our decision is more in tune with doing what is best for our family, rather than debating each parent’s prerogative. Right now that means cracking open the secret of Macadamia’s gender. If little Mac goes along with the plan and shows the goods, we’ll be sharing the news, but do not go tempting my husband with talk of names. We won’t be sharing that very important detail until Macadamia arrives. Let’s be patient about SOMETHING! =)

So internet, your thoughts? Which sweater will Macadamia be wearing home from the hospital? I placed a poll over there on the right per Amanda's request for all you want to be anonymous people.


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