baby's sad situation

A Saturday post? Unprecedented! This little nugget just needs to be published somewhere before I up and forget that it ever happened.

Caroline stood on her helper chair in the kitchen helping me prepare a simultaneous attempt at chicken Caesar salad and chicken salad for sandwiches from a cooled rotisserie chicken. At some point she tired of the boring ripping meat from bone enterprise we were actively engaged in and turned her attention to Baby, who just happened to be sitting on the counter.

She suddenly and frantically reached out for me:

Caro: “Oh No, Mommy! Baby crying!” (crying sounds more like cry-in)
Mommy: “Oh no, is your Baby crying?”
Caro: “she sounds like – insert whiney cry noise”
I was stunned momentarily. She knows babies cry, but she had never imitated a baby crying before and it stopped me. It floored me actually.
Mommy: “Oh, poor baby, what’s wrong?”
Caro: “What’s wrong baby, what’s wrong?”
Mommy: “Does your baby need a hug?”
Caro: “It’s ok baby, don’t cry. Your mommy will be here in no time.”

Um… for emphasis. “Your mommy will be here in no time.” And then I pretended that it was onions that were making me tear up and I stood with my hands on the counter supporting all of my weight. I wrestled with the unsettling image of my baby girl crying for us at school, but in the end decided that telling the children that their mothers are coming to get them in no time was more than an acceptable response.

This image is much more dear than the one I got last night when she told me in the car on the way home to “SHUSH, that’s enough talking!” I had white knuckles and a bone to pick when I heard that morsel of evil!

Don’t you just hate that? Those moments where you need to silently evaluate your own everyday vernacular to see if these little ditties were picked up from you or school? Sometimes I am not sure, but these two were definitely not from me.


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