blogbecue part deux

Perhaps you already read about this weekend’s special event via The Littlest Loban or Momma's June Bugs? Or maybe you already happened to stumble upon the photos over on Picasa and thought to yourself, who are all these delicious looking children?

The Lobans hosted the second blogbecue this Saturday. A miracle happened and all five blogging families were available and able to attend. The adults enjoyed rare in-person banter, a lovely meal, and watching the little ones play together so amazingly well. I am not the only marveling at that am I?

Watching the big and littles interact was eye opening as we wait and wonder what it will be like to have two of our own. The moms with newborns were so laid back with their precious Jake and Addison. Ethan did.not.stop.moving making Amanda my new hero. He is such an adorable bundle of constant curiosity and exploration. Rylan learned Caroline’s name and said hello to her instantly, only to be answered with an eye blink from our suddenly shy girl. Sammy and Caroline frequented the snack table together, hanging out over the fish and pretzels. I suspect girl talk will come in time. Christian needs to teach my daughter how to pose for photos, what a HAM! And such a smartie ham at that. The babies Jake and Addison were so good, barely squawking (I didn’t hear any did you?), hanging out together in the shade. It is hard to picture them getting into trouble with the rest of the lot next year.

My pregnant self sweat right through my shirt, but I hoped my blogging friends wouldn’t mind too much. Apparently soaking wet clothing is something we mccashews don’t mind in the least, considering it took most of the afternoon to convince Caroline to remove her soaking wet dress to play in her swim shirt and swimmie diaper instead.

Though we’ve never all been together in one place before, it all seemed so natural; like old friends getting together. Even the dads seemed comfortable and relaxed.

Thanks to the Lobans for organizing and hosting. It was such a special day. I thank each and every one of your adorable sweet children for tiring out my Caroline so well that she slept until 8:30 Sunday morning.


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