btf: putting the cart before the horse a bit

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November 14, 2008

Said screw it to the prenatals, forgot about all the extra fun that goes along with those. Thinking of who I can ask for another over the counter recommendation that will keeping the freaking out that I am asking to a minimum? (At this point, you know who you are!) Called for yet another refill of my twice daily 500 mg dose and was told that they think they should bump me again to three times daily. I accept this. I think?

Even in this economy, with a big family affair pending at the very very start of 2010, we are already debating names for a child yet to be officially on the way. As expected my top picks have already been vetoed and someone is already pressuring me to find out the gender - the same someone who was adamantly against it last time! Um, how about we get the positive test before we start the neverending back and forth?


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