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January 20, 2009

It's difficult to be optimistic when we realized that that hormonal rhythm we thought we had found months ago was hardly a regular beat, more like the clang of the cymbal. Before we got too down on ourselves we looked back and realized (thanks to this little post/journal thing I have going here) that it has only been two months on this dosage and that we need to give it a bit more time before we throw up our hands and beg for Clomid. As we get ready to turn the page on another month in the present, we mentally turn the page forward to November as well. With a very large gulp. I had a little heart to heart with Colleen. She is by far the most understanding and supportive bride ever because she cares little if I am akin to Shamu or nurturing a tiny newborn on 01/02/2010. Right now I am just hoping that one of those two scenarios plays itself out, though neither seems ideal, but who said life was ever ideal.


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