the gift of the century

According to Kiki, I have it.

While shopping over my lunch today at Homegoods (what, like you don’t do that?) in search of the elusive big girl bedding (found and purchased!), I came across a small stack of baby doll sized Moses Baskets. The squeal I heard must have been my own. It also must have set off several “good find” alarms of the shoppers around me. Before too long there were several other women grabbing up a couple each. I like to talk to strangers in stores. I sometimes ask them their opinions or tell them what they are holding is adorable. Steve says this makes people uncomfortable, but I think he is wrong – Kiki’s been doing it her whole life and I don’t know anyone who would say that she makes people uncomfortable. Every woman who picked one up was saving it for Christmas for a niece or grandchild. Christmas – I could tuck this away for then!

orrrrr for our little Macadamia’s arrival...

When Caroline was a fraction of herself, cocooned in a swaddle for most of the day, she lounged almost exclusively in her Moses Basket. I carried her from room to room with me. She slept in it her very first night home between Steve and I in our bed.

Mr. anti-cosleep had a sudden change of heart when he considered that he might not be able to hear her breathing from the pack n play bassinet a mere 2 feet away. Would you look at that peanut!?

When we moved her from our room to the crib, she slept in that Moses Basket within her crib until her head and toes were touching both ends. We loved that basket. It is probably the thing I am most looking forward to unearthing from the attic for Macadamia. (I am least looking forward to getting out the pump – but I know how incredibly fortunate I am to have that miracle piece of equipment!) Now Caroline will have a Moses Basket for her baby too. When she sees mommy carrying her brother or sister, she can play right along, just like the little girl in her favorite story “Baby Dear.”

I haven’t bought a thing for this new baby… yet. I’ve made a list of things we either need or should consider purchasing, but none of them seem very "real." Of course we are ecstatic about this long awaited miracle, but a large part of us isn’t quite there with really accepting that this is truly happening. There is a difference, don’t you think? A line that you cross at some point along those ten months when suddenly everything is different?

Holding that little Moses Basket, just knowing that it is sitting in my trunk has made me giddy. It will be the first item to enter our house that somehow means a baby is coming. A baby is coming people!!! A real live teeny tiny smiles in his/her sleep bobbleheaded baby! It really does feel like the first time I am overwhelmed with happiness at the honest to god reality of the whole thing.

February 27th, 2007


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