in the morning

I am always surprised at the reaction to some of my posts, public and/or private. Several people have emailed me today to let me know that they too must cast their own driving plans aside when they chauffeur their hubbies around town or that they receive such constant criticism while behind the wheel that they'd really prefer to hand over the driving reins to their spouse permanently. Ladies. It’s an epidemic! I’m not calling you out – I just wanted you to know that you are far from alone. Reading your messages made me feel so much better. So thanks.

Caroline has been saying this odd thing to me at night before bed. The kid is so regimented when we are at home for wake ups and bedtimes that I sometimes wonder if she needs me there at all. After her three books have been read she now busts into song; usually Patty Cake. If anyone/Steve isn’t participating she stops, “C’Mon Da-ee!” and then finishes the song with everyone clapping and rolling and patting along with her. She loves to be the leader. We need to get the singing on video because the cute is too intense.

We take turns bringing her up to bed, which I know will help immensely come Jan/Feb. In fact, we take turns with most things these days. Da-ee is good like that. We are a well oiled cog - so why not throw some rust on it and slow it the heck down with a new family member right? ha, right? RIGHT? I know I am lucky to have a partner who helps clean the dinner mess, empty the dishwasher, make Caroline's lunch, pile up blankets that have been used to put every single doll in sight to sleep.

When it’s my turn to take her up for the night I sing her another song, rehash her day, or tell her what she'll be doing tomorrow. This week she started saying something new.

“I wake up in the morning?”

“Yes, baby girl, of course you’ll wake up in the morning (EEEEEKKKK!) and we’ll get dressed and watch einsteins and get ready for school and it will all be wonderful.”

She says it again, “I wake up in the morning?”

I try to convince myself that she is just prompting me to tell her about the morning again. She's stalling in our last embrace of the day, her head tightly on my shoulder and her hand gently rubbing my belly. I cannot help but completely pull that statement apart and fear for the day when she REALLY might be asking me if she will in fact really honest to god for sure wake up tomorrow. and I don’t know what I will say.


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