Anonymity brings courage apparently. Amanda must not be the only one who cannot look Steve in the eye and declare that they believe he is going to be Daddy to two little girls. Keep the votes coming!

In the time since I wrote yesterday’s post about baby sister, Caroline has mysteriously switched to referring to the baby in her belly as her baby brother.

On the way home from school yesterday:

“No Mommy, you no have baby brother, I have baby brother, Ok?”

Um, ok, kid.

In my head:

“This discussion is cute now, but I don’t want to be having it again for at least 20 years, OK?”

I pilfered some really cute shots from Kiki and Auntie K from last weekend. They will be in our picasa later today, but until then here is my favorite of the batch.
Caroline, you truly are the sweetest thing I ever did see.


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