onward and upward

There have been brief blips about Caroline’s impending move to her “BIG GIRL!” room. Steve and I exhibit such enthusiasm with Caroline about this move that I suspect she is envisioning a room with a working pony stable and curtains made of cotton candy.

After weeks of debate, months of trying to decide when the “right time” to move her would be, we’re finally getting down to business. When we get down to business the task at hand becomes all encompassing and we do not stop until we can hang a “mission completion” sign on whatever it is we are up to.

Steve’s parents (and auntie k by proxy) are allowing Caroline to use auntie k’s childhood bed. Besides saving us an awful lot of money, I love that Caroline will be sleeping in something that is a part of her family history. Actually the bedframe and dresser currently in that space are my own from when I was a girl, but for now we decided a twin bed was the way to go. I want her to have lots of extra space for playing in her room, maybe even a little table for tea parties. I also am keenly aware that those polly pockets are not far down the road & the very idea of those teeny tiny purses mingling with the new baby’s big, sturdy, non-swallowable toys makes me itchy. So we have a furniture and big girl toy plan, but we have been sort of going back and forth about when to execute the whole thing because as we came to realize… it’s a lot. Steve’s begun his search for an affordable method to get said items from point A to point B. I’ve been daydreaming about a cute little girls room, looking in catalogs for ideas to pilfer.

First we tackled bedding because I could not begin to imagine the move until I had an idea what it would actually look like. We looked at all kinds of bedding from many different places. We balked at the cost, though I swooned at the cute. I/We imagined stripping the bedding of a potty training toddler in the middle of night and the regret I would feel to have a gorgeous comforter or duvet ruined at the hands of overnight urine. Nothing like kicking the kid when she’s down like having to replace those treasured big girl items. So I made an executive decision and announced that we would find a more washer friendly quilt and sham set.

My search drove me to Homegoods over lunch one recent afternoon with no intentions of buying, just pricing for comparison, but I found the perfect quilt and some matching (without completely matching) valences for her windows. We had the beginnings of a room and the launch sequence began. Next stop, Big Girl Room.

Since then (Thursday) we’ve also found and purchased two sets of simple sheets and a waterproof mattress cover. We’ll need to find a simple warm blanket (I ask you internet, is it crazy to consider also getting a spare for those potential overnight accidents?) to put beneath the quilt for extra warmth. With summer rearing her ugly August heat wave head, I suspect we have plenty of time for that.

We spent some of Sunday’s nap going through the spare room emptying drawers, relocating sheet sets, and giggling over cards and things we’ve collected for Caroline in the past two and a half years. We made piles of things to donate and another of things to ditch. We cleared out the closet. We relocated the computer to the first level permanently. The room that was once the spare is quickly on its way to becoming our little girl’s retreat. (Sorry Uncle Marc)

At the very bottom of the basket we use for shredding, I found my long lost watch. It was a gift from Steve, full of sentimental value, and I had not been able to find it since we moved to this house over two years ago. I never gave up hope on it, but never imagined finding it there. I’ve been wearing it ever since. In all that time the battery never slowed or stopped. It was like a little present waiting for me, encouraging me to keep going, to continue on this emotional path to big kid town.

My little girl is going to love her new room. Imagining the new memories we'll create within those four walls makes my heart smile.


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