a tale of four rock tourists

Those pictures down below that you probably cocked your head to the side looking at and said, “wha??” That is how we spent our Saturday this past weekend. My parents got up super early to drive down to CT for the day and happily took over toddler duties. I didn’t warn them ahead of time that those duties entailed the wonderfulness of a toddler who had just ingested two watermelon pedialax tabs earlier that morning. They were real troopers! With Caroline safely entrusted to two of her biggest fans we headed to NYC with Marc & Kelly of 80’s rock wedding fame.

After some debate (and a coupon for $14 theatre district parking) we hit the road, or to be more precise – 95S. There was great discussion earlier in the week about which route to take, but that part is really only fun later in the story. We arrived without incident, parked, took that magical NYC parking garage elevator ride up to the city and there we were, in the middle of Times Square. What are four tourists to do while they wait for their noon reservation at Carmine’s and try to work up a Carmine appropriate appetite? Why, shop for chocolate of course; M&M’s and Hershey to be specific. When I talk about chocolate, I am always specific.

We stuffed ourselves silly at lunch. We rinsed our mouths with complimentary restroom mouthwash. We made our way to the theatre for the Rock of Ages matinee performance. People, you have never in your life seen two boys more excited to be on Broadway. They handed us Rock of Ages branded “lighter” flashlights (a much more suitable souvenir than the $30 “Hooray for Boobies” shirt), the performance allowed beverages inside the theatre, there were beer merchants walking between rows selling Coors Light cans in the theatre DURING the performance. All around us; a symphony of can lids popping. We took photos of the set. The boys drank covered cups of Jack and Ginger. It was not yet 2pm.

The show was great; a cute love story for the ladies, great music, lots and lots of laughs, and just like the actual 80’s there were plenty of gratuitous scantily clan women roaming the stage in underwear I wouldn’t even wear in the privacy of my own home. It was a win all around and by the end we were on our feet singing right along with Journey. The boys’ only complaint was that the audience wasn’t rocking out at a level they deemed appropriate. I reminded them no less than 5 times that is was a 2pm show. Declarations have already been made about a nighttime front row round two IF it comes to Boston. I don’t doubt for one second that they won’t follow through on that little promise, though it might mean flying a certain san franciscan in for the show.

Here’s the fun part. I am very deeply against driving with Steve as my passenger. I just don't do it as a rule if I can help it. Kelly and Marc have already endured one trip home from Billy with Steve as passenger and they knowingly arranged the seating accordingly. I love him with all my heart, but hate driving him places. All squared away? When you add in that I would be hyperventilating driving us through the insane city I fear driving through even as a passenger, well, that is one of my own personal circles of hell right there. I had secretly hoped I wouldn’t be the driver, but it was not to be. For the record, I just need to say that I was and am glad he had a great time and really enjoyed himself – that is what the day was all about!

So there we were, on the Henry Hudson Parkway, trying to decide which way to go home – the Merritt or 95N - and I made a critical error. Steve is anti-Merritt, I am anti-95. The predicament was this; if I went the route I wanted to go and there was even a moment of traffic, it would forever ruin any chance I had of ever taking that route to/from the city again, so I veered off towards 95 and LO, the traffic. 45 minutes of mind numbing traffic. 45 sad minutes for Steve as I reminded him repeatedly that taking 95 was such an awesome idea. I should have followed my own gut, endured whatever ridicule could come from our brief pause on the parkways and we would have been home 45 minutes earlier. I don’t think it is genetically possible for me to NOT be a martyr and I affirm that this is why I chose poorly and went the wrong way. That’s right Steve, THE WRONG WAY. =)

It took a great deal of time to get back home, despite the fact that I was really cooking once we got past the dreaded traffic. By the time we were close, this preggo had just about had it. She was tired. She was grumpy. And that was when we ran out of propane on the gas grill for our end of the day cookout. The End.

Special thanks of course to my parents for taking on the awesome responsibility of Caro watching on a brutally hot day. From what we heard she had a really great day with you. Without your help and patience we could not have managed to have such a great day with friends. THANK YOU.

In the pregnancy arena – today was my monthly visit. We are already 15 weeks. This pregnancy is flying by. I reluctantly stepped on the scale, peeking through tightly closed eyes at a number that I expected to be lower than my last visit. I was absolutely certain that my inability to eat animal carcass for the past month surely would grant me a lovely chat about healthy eating and pregnancy. Thankfully my weight held steady, though it did invoke a bit of a nonchalant chat with the doc about finding other proteins. “But Doctor, my baby only wants carbs – carbs and Mexican food!”

We scheduled our next visit and perhaps gender revealing sonogram for right after Labor Day. I am still on the fence, not sure if I want to know, smiling nefariously inside that keeping it a secret will torture everyone just a little bit, and also wondering exactly what sort of reward I can garnish if I do crumble and agree to find out. Like I said, this time around, everything is different.

I am beginning to feel the “quickening.” Doctor confirmed that I know what it feels like and that she wouldn’t be surprised if I am already feeling it a bit. Yipee!

Heartbeat remains wonderfully healthy in the 150 range.

Little Mac is eating America’s Test Kitchen Chicken Pot Pie tonight. Protein, vegetables AND carbs.


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