2.5 days in

It is now Sunday afternoon. Steve and I are settling in to watch the Pats while the little angelface snoozes away upstairs. We're two days and change into this potty gig and wow, I am exhausted. Friday and Saturday were mentally and physically exhausting. I've been tweeting away about all the updates, misses & close calls. She's keeping me incredibly busy racing around playing ring around the rosy (all that falling down and get back up to do it "AGAIN!" are a bit much for this pregnant mommy), laying on the floor with her snuggling, baking cupcakes, feeding baby, making puzzles. I am her play slave. A clear outcome of this potty thing is an even more focused MOMMY centric attitude, which we will work through. She cannot stand to be away from me and I can understand that - these are strange and stressful times.

Friday I was all about helping, but standing back. Saturday we knew she was so close. Caroline is stubborn because she is the product of two of the most stubborn people on the planet and we wanted it to just happen already for her because she was SO close. Today I went back to an info sheet I read online about potty training strong willed children and a parental united front has been formed with emphasis on a new method: supportive ambivalence.

This is harder than you could ever know unless you have tried this method yourself because YOU KNOW she has to go, you can SEE the squirmy potty dance, you know she has drank her weight in milk and yet you must refrain from reminding, from putting the potty in close proximity, from doing anything she does not directly ask you to do and you know what? It's working.

I had a nice chat with her first thing this morning about how we are so proud of all her hard work with the potty, that I am sorry I keep reminding her when I know she is a big girl and can do it herself. I told her Daddy and I are here to help her if she wants it, she just has to ask. We know she can do it herself! She has sat herself down SEVERAL times solo, complete with pulling pants up and down herself, and she is so gosh darn proud.

Even if we missed the morning one because the tree removal across the street was too enticing to pull ourselves away from, we just got new pants and went on with business as usual. We missed one during a CVS run and she announced with teary eyes, "I peeing!" I reassured her that she had on her pull up and it was ok and we would just try to catch the next one. I thanked her for letting me know.

In the middle of all of this she has developed her first fall cold, which is awesome. She woke up after being asleep about an hour last night crying and coughing. It had been so long since she has woken up period that I wasn't sure what to do. No temp. Just some complaints about a "boo boo" on her ankle. Steve happened to be out, so I snuggled her, closed up the house and let her lay in bed with me. She eventually asked me to go back to her room and slept peacefully the rest of the night. My little girl is growing up so fast, but she still needs me. She still wants to be in my arms. Like I told her last night, she'll always be my baby girl and she always will be.

Onward we go.


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