at school today

Every so often we hear funny things about Caroline from daycare. Our place doesn’t provide us with a sheet about “what happened today,” so most days we try to glean what we can from the calendar, the projects she brings home, and her hilarious self-report of the day which on some days includes things like, “I was mad at Bailey.I say NO Bailey, NO!”

Miss Katie, our afternoon caregiver, recently shared that Caroline often will get out some books and “read” to the younger children. She said they gather around her and she tells them to “pay attention!” Every third or fourth phrase actually goes along with the book, but the kids don’t seem to notice and Katie thinks it is adorable.

Most of what I am able to pick up from the day is told via play cellphone to Kiki on the ride home. Yesterday was “Hello? Hi Kiki. I have so much fun with Miss Katie today. Ok. Ok. Bye!” I reminded her about our weekend plans and encouraged her to “call Kiki back” and tell her. “Kiki I go see BALDWIN!! I see BALDWIN!!!”

Steve got a cute one from Michelle about a recent afternoon activity involving paper from a roll that the kids were playing with, rolling up into big balls and rolling themselves on top of. It came time to clean up because parents would be starting to come soon and our Caroline was in a huff, “NO SHEL! I having too much fun!” Michelle agreed and let them play for a few more minutes because HOW can you make a child stop having too much fun???

We made progress last night in operation accept baby brother. As is often the case with a precocious toddler, I have found that it isn’t so much what we talk about, but instead HOW we talk about it. Instead of simply asking her if she was having a baby brother, I asked her if she was going to teach her baby brother how to brush his teeth. I pointed to the sink and told her that when she was a new baby she took a bath there. Would she help Mommy give her brother a tubby in the sink? Would she wash his piggy toes? You know what? She totally bought in. All through bedtime stories last night she kept reaching for her feet, telling me that she was going to clean her brother’s piggies. It is almost like a bulb went off, “I get to do things for this baby, I get to boss him around!”


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