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March 12, 2009

Met with the Reproductive Endicrinologist. He suggested a battery of tests and the mother of all blood tests. I scheduled the first ultrasound and then called to talk about the costs and insurance coverage. All the kind lady on the other line could tell me was that my coverage was 80-20, but as far as what the actual costs could be, I got nada. Since we exhausted the balance of our Flexible Spending Account for Caroline's ears, we decided to wait until July to do the tests when our Account will replenish. We can hopefully avoid feeling so overwhelmed with what could be a very large cumulatative medical bill. Until then I will remain on the same met dose. We hold onto hope that maybe things might figure themselves out on their own, but if not, we'll reschedule once we have the assurance of the flex spending. It might be a very expensive medical year for the McFam.


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