dee day

My father told me one D-Day about something he had heard on the radio that afternoon. The announcer had asked his audience why they had called it “D-Day” and a caller’s response was that it was “dee day they was doing it.” There is nothing funny at all about D-Day, but the response became part of our family lore.

Friday is dee day we are doing it. We are giving up diapers in favor of pretty big girl undies and my hope is that on Tuesday morning she will be sent to school sans diaper like the big girl she so desperately wants to be. All week she has been sporting a pair of big girl undies over her diaper and inappropriately displaying them to anyone she happens to see. This included my HR woman Monday afternoon. It was less than an opportune moment, but it broke the icy air so well-played Caroline, well-played.

All the signs are there and have been there for some time now. She’s waking up dry most mornings, she’s dry for hours at end, things are predictable; save one very big deal exception. She wants to wear the big girl undies and she slides her bottoms down at will to sit herself on pint sized potties throughout the house. Though she hasn’t really had much success yet, she “do it myself!” Tomorrow I give her that opportunity. There will be fanfare and Twizzlers and lots of cheering her on.

This is the last weekend we will be home for over a month between football games and our anniversary. It is the last time I will have more than a day at home to work with her on this and though I suspect it will take much longer than this weekend, we have to start somewhere. I am not expecting it to be easy. I am not anticipating that the house will smell like roses. I am not planning on her tossing aside her Pull Ups completely, but I am excited for her and this milestone.

Now. That one exception is a big one actually. The little miss is in complete control of her bowels and we have theorized that she isn’t particularly keen on pooping now that she is escorted to the potty as soon as we get the signs that she is busy. Last week she went four days and this week we are up to five. She’s still eating normally, in good spirits etc, but with all the apricots and butter I’ve been giving her I cannot imagine how she is holding it in!?

So like all parents I am now stuck in the move forward or back off position, unsure which move to make next, unable to understand what is happening inside her bright little mind. We're going to see how it goes...

Wish us luck as we embark on this messy adventure.


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