the mcflu crew

I stumbled all over myself in a meeting with a family today when I realized the date was in fact the last day of September. Didn’t this month JUST start? Weren’t we just at the beach for Labor Day? Wasn’t the home opener last weekend?

So I must have made quite the impression on that family as I interrupted my discussion about home care services to express just how unbelievable it was that tomorrow is October.

October. I love October. The air gets crisp. The leaves change. Caroline’s cheeks get rosy. I buy more Apple Cider than I can drink. The heat goes on overnight, though the ceiling fan mysteriously never stops. The Sucktaculars don’t rake. We run out of leaf bags. We forget that you cannot rake and watch a toddler at the same time. The Sucktaculars do a fine job of sitting on their lazy butts watching us try to rake THEIR leaves from our front yard. I think they get festive about it actually; make mulled cider, pass around spice donuts, laugh at us. That is when we begin to curse fall and commence whining that winter is just around the corner.

Now that I think of it, the wretched leaf issue doesn’t really come to a head until late November when we have just about enough of the leaves. So I can actually enjoy October after all.

Tonight we’re celebrating the start of fall with the onset of flu season. We’re hoping to all be considered well enough to get the flu shot tonight. Talk about a fun family activity! Nothing like giving your kid a shot 90 minutes before bedtime, though the shot of Motrin to dull the ache in her arm is sure to help her sleep well. We’re still thinking and talking about the other shot, you know the one everyone else is thinking and stressing about too. Knowing that that other one I refuse to name here won’t be available until the end of October makes me nervous, but it is pushing me along in getting us all vaccinated with the seasonal shot asap. Caroline’s pediatrician will not actually have their supply of seasonal vaccine until mid-October, so I made an executive decision and post Texas Dry Rubbed Porterhouse dinner we are all going. Steve’s disclaimer is that in college (his one and only flu shot experience) he became incredibly ill. While I do not doubt this to be true I also pointed out that he was probably not eating well, resting enough (ha!), and had waited in line with every other sick kid on campus for the shot. So I’ve been forewarned, but this year, we’re not taking any chances and while I know this will not guarantee a flu free year, better to take precautions.


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