memory nuggets

Last spring I went to this amazing sale and with the help of my mother found so many adorable deals for spring/summer that the thought of possibly missing the next one made me sad. The fall sale is scheduled for September 26th, a date better known in my house as BC/Wake Forest @ home. I pouted about this a bit, sad that the morning sale and the afternoon (or will it be evening? Who knows?) game could not coexist happily. When we found out we were having a boy, I became even more upset that we’d be missing this chance not to replace our pink confections, but to refresh our newborn clothes with blues and browns.

I remembered Terri sharing that she consigns and volunteers to earn an earlier shopping opportunity. So I checked out the sale schedule and lo and behold, consigners can shop on Friday evening and bring a friend with a $5 donation to a local food pantry. I could do that! We could plan on leaving extra early! Terri offered to help get my cleaned, tagged, and pressed items to the sale location. We could do it all!!

Until I went into the attic and pulled down the boxes of the smallest clothes that had been lovingly tucked way. Until I was left with just one small box of keepers; things I cannot (at this time anyway) even consider parting with. Until I brought the pile of sell items down to the dining room, dropped them onto the floor, looked at Steve, “it was really, really hard,” and cried. Silly tears really. To his credit as supportive spouse to hormonal preggo he told me not to sell them if it makes me sad, but why keep everything? It isn’t practical and last time I checked; she won’t be suddenly reversing her sizes either. It isn’t reasonable and with an whole new baby coming there will be many more boxes of things to store away, more boxes of things to go through and edit, less room in the attic. I came upon many precious items. I was able to hold them in my hands, close my eyes, and absolutely see, even smell, my little baby Caroline with her hands up by her head – that sleepy smile on her sweet face. I kept the special things like that. I tucked them away, for now at least. In many ways, stumbling upon these little memory nuggets made me not yearn for her babyness, but instead gave me permission to celebrate the arrival of another baby. A baby who will have special things that will cause this very same reaction in his mother when she goes through his things in due time. We are so very lucky.

Exhibits A and B of items that made my heart melt.

I have been granted the power to look to the future with a house of both pink and blue, to cherished memories of not one, but two babydoms. It has ignited a flame in me to purge and prepare not just my home, but myself. The stacked boxes, hangers, and folded baby items ALL OVER THE HOUSE are making me a little crazy at the moment. Truth be told, I'm fearful of a time when I will be coordinating clothing management for 2 kids. It's not a pretty thought for an anal retentive.

The real quandary I find myself in is splitting my time at the sale between the 2T/3T girls and the baby boy sections. I have specific things I want to seek out for Caroline and absolutely no clue for baby Mac. What do you Moms of two or more do in these situations? Particularly if you are working with boys and girls?

And since we’re talking about Caroline’s babydom – she is/was one darn cute kid. When searching for a random post recently, I came across these videos and was blown away with how little she was, our sweet baby Caro.

March 2008, what she used to do at bedtime.

Bathtime gigglefest with Daddy. I love her reaction when she realizes I am filming her.

Just about a year old... My own favorite is the blanket.


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