It was a successful first tailgate adventure on Saturday to watch the Eagles embarrass my own NU Huskies. Though we all could have done with a bit cooler temperature, we all had a great time tailgating, playing with little friends, and watching the game. Caroline was a bit confused; “I see Baldwin at the Red Sox!” Steve and I continue to be amazed at the level of attention she maintains at the games, though deep into the third quarter she did turn to me and ask me to “go buh-byes.” Apparently the NU blood in her was beginning to feel the sting of the embarrassing score a bit too. Despite the heat, she took just one lengthy break in the day for ice cream with her friend Sammy, attending his very FIRST game. That break wasn't even for her, it was her pregnant Mommy who could not stop sweating and needed to get out of the sun. Though Caroline and I might not make every game this season, it is nice to know that she will really enjoy her BC football experience again this year.

The weather burped over night up in MA and we went from a scorching Saturday to a breezy fall day on Sunday. Sweatshirts and long pants were a common sight all along the beach and the sad revelation once again settled in that fall is just around the corner and coming fast. Though seriously Mother Nature, would it have been too much to switch those days up for us? Fall is for football, Summer is for beach. Get it straight!

We avoided even the thought of holiday traffic by leaving Sunday night at bedtime. A suddenly not tired Caroline stayed awake in the car well past 9 with absolutely no amusement beyond her own imagination. There was lots of pretend play with the new baby boy in her school classroom Mason. “Mommy, feed Mason. Mason hungry Mommy!”

When we encountered a few cars unfamiliar with the 95 to Pike transfer (and honestly aren’t we all sort of "unfamiliar" because it is just.that.kookoo) Steve had to lay on the horn to alert a confused motorist that he was right behind him and that he actually knew where he was going. I giggled to myself as I let him handle the urgent “what happened Daddy?” rapid fire questioning from the back seat. “That car didn’t know what they were doing, that car was going slow.” “Ohhh, that car was going SLLLLOOOWWW. That car go slloooowwww daddy?”

I have found that since I gained an aware toddler as my copilot I honk, throw my hands up, and say things like “Oh, CMON lady” far less often. It has been interesting to me that I seem to reserve my irritable driver side for the most blatant and infuriating things on the road. I am usually explaining, “that lady turned, but she didn’t let me know she was turning and she might have caused an accident. She needs to be more careful.” Suddenly, “that car was being a lost idiot going too slow for me” doesn’t seem all that bad does it? If I can’t explain it without it sounding dangerous or terrible, it isn’t worth grousing about because I know I am going to have to listen to questions about it for the next 5 minutes. Steve is a bit faster with the hand to horn contact than I am and it is usually very justified. He had never been asked to explain his actions to his daughter before and it was funny to listen to him have to calmly explain it all to her. If nothing else, her questions do make it seem like no big deal a lot quicker.

Once home safe and sound, we all enjoyed a restful day together on Monday. Steve accompanied us on our weekly grocery pilgrimage. He helped me cope with a grumpy toddler post nap. We got to spend some time together just "flopping" and we all needed it. We're all back to work and school today, a nice short week before we do it all again.


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