"that man said no"

There might such a thing as doing too well in the “get your kid excited” department. This weekend is a big one; a BC home game, seeing the aunties and Hokie, both sets of grandparents, BALDWIN, a consignment sale I am itching to get to, and a train ride.

It has been no small feat to organize. Kiki procured a car seat, which was graciously offered by Steve’s cousin Kelly, and handled the clothing drop for the consignment sale to Terri. Terri had to be on the receiving end of several emails about the sale, about the drop off plan for the clothes, and actually get the clothing to the sale in my place. The aunties both wonderfully offered to watch my little girl during the sale. A village people. So thanks to these special ladies for helping make it happen for us. We CAN do it all, but only because of you!

Caroline looked at me earlier this week, tilted her head, opened her eyes widely and asked “I see Baldwin this weekend?” So I went on and on about all the plans, who would be there, and we talked at great length about “than man said no.” Two weeks ago I tried to convince her to come with me to the pregame Fan Fest to get an eagle on her cheek. Though she had been excited about this in the car en route, it was now the very last thing she wanted to do, until on the 7th trip to the restroom she saw another little girl with an eagle on her cheek and I think you can figure out what happened. I raced her over to The Plex and wouldn’t you know that they close all the family fun stuff 30 minutes before the game? What do they want people to actually be in their seats at kick off? A man at the door politely alerted me that they were closed and it turned into “that man said no.” She has not stopped talking about that man in two weeks and when I told her that this week we could try again she was not so sure because “that man said no.” I have started telling her that “this week that man is going to say yes.” She is skeptical. These football games are becoming such a part of her life and it is wonderful to see her not simply putting up with daddy's obsession, but enjoying it, looking forward to it. Even if the details are a bit scattered; Baldwin is with the Red Sox and the Eagles play baseball. She kept making me say “Yay Eagles!” on the ride home yesterday. This may be why I had a dream last night that a much older Caroline decided she did not want to go to college at all because she did not want to go to BC and she really truly thought it was her only option. Of course she can go to any school she wants to!

The area where I truly went overboard in the get excited department is the train ride. Logistically it was either take the train or take two cars up, so we’ll be riding up and Steve will drive up solo after work. Caroline has been talking NON-STOP about that train ride, “mommy, I go on a choo choo by myself?” I doubt she will even notice my presence on the train anyway, what with all the excitement of riding on a train! It was the very first thing she asked me this morning, “choo choo?” as in “is today the day I take the train mommy, plllleeeeaaaaasssee say yes!” We take a very early train tomorrow morning to another station to catch our Amtrak service to Boston. We’ve only done this one other time and it went alright, but she was much younger then. With the DVD player, an arsenal of snacks, and a solitary backpack to wrangle, I think we can more than handle this. Getting her to pass for under 2 might be the biggest challenge of the morning.


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