white flag

I give up.

I pulled the maternity clothes down from the attic when I pulled the boxes of newborn clothes for the sale. They sat there beside the bed until early this week when I made the big closet switcheroo. All the fitted tops and non-preggo pants that cannot work with the Bella Band have been stowed away. My entire preggo wardrobe now hangs in their place with a handful of things I think I can still reasonably pull off. I use the word reasonably cautiously because I actually thought it was ok to head to the grocery store this Sunday in yoga pants and a way too small Mickey Mouse T shirt. Sorry to all the BigY shoppers who got an eyeful.

We are 21 weeks along in this pregnancy already – more time down, than time left to cook. Our son is certainly quite active, with a fondness for cheddar cheese and raspberries and let’s face it, guacamole. He has been getting into some seriously uncomfortable positions lately, but overall I feel like we are just sailing along. We’ve even had wonderful conversations about names with far fewer "absolutely not" responses; nose crinkling, head shaking, or full on laughing. On our drive back home Sunday afternoon we even created a short list thanks to that wonderful tome; The Baby Name Wizard. I wish we had this book way back when! Steve’s happy with the options we came up with and I am equally pleased that there are several unique ways to honor my grandmother among the bunch.

So in honor of my wardrobe retirement, here are some shots courtesy of my phone’s pregnancy tracker app. Some weeks I remember, others I don’t, but how handy!

15 weeks – at the beach wearing aforementioned yoga pants

19 weeks – note the box of preggo clothes in the background, non preggo Forever 21 jeans ladies, they stretch to amazing limits!

21 weeks – this morning, there's Reese, and poof the box of clothes VANISHED. This one isn’t particularly flattering, but ehh! I am working that blazer like Chris Farley's "fat guy in a little coat."


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