you might be an aquarius if...

It suddenly occurred to me that it is very likely there will be two children falling under the sign of Aquarius in our house. I’d bet on it actually since the sign covers all the dates between January 20th and February 18th. There does exist a possibility of different birthstones (amethyst for February, garnet for January), but that would hardly matter to our son in the long run would it?

At two and a half we are still just beginning to see many parts of Caroline’s developing personality and I wondered, do any of these traits go along with her Aquarius sign? Would her brother share these same astrological qualities? Would that mean they would be likely to get along well? It's fun to read about as we get to know her, though I don't actually put a lot of faith into its accuracy. Unless it specifically mentions that in 12 years there will be no door slamming or kvetching that I couldn't POSSIBLY understand. In that case, I believe it with my entire being.

What various web sources had to say about Aquarian personality:

“Open-minded, tolerant, extroverted, experimental and emotionally detached.”

She tries new things. She tolerates small changes in routine. She can be extroverted with those she is comfortable with, but takes a great deal of time to warm up. I would never call my snuggly emotional drama queen detached. Ever.

“Aquarians can be shy, sensitive, gentle, and patient at one time and edgy, enthusiastic and lively at others.”


“They have strong convictions and are forceful in their opinions.”

Does my daughter have an opinion? Yes, yes she does and she makes it known. Oh you don't agree with her? She's probably off and running to either her time out step or the couch where she will leap head first into the cushions SOBBING away. THE HUMANITY!!!

“Aquarian individuals have strong imaginative and intuitive powers.”

Anyone who has been given an “egg,” a “cake,” had their hair styled with pretend spray bottles, or watched on as she changes her baby’s diaper (“hold still baby!”) can attest to her amazing and at times odd imagination.

“Do not easily accept that they are wrong and have been known to have a temper.”

HAHAHAHA. Yes, that and more! See strong convictions.

“When very angry, an Aquarian can either be downright rude or adopt a threatening silence.”

We aren’t seeing the rude YET, but the silence is definitely there; scowl, furrowed brow, arms crossed silence.

“Loves an opportunity to be alone, because it is at this time that he recharges himself.”

True. Actually requests to go to her crib to calm down. See also retreats to time out step.

“Aquarians have an intrinsic taste for drama, music and art. Original and inventive in their ideas, they impress people with their uniqueness.”

Well, she certainly has the drama covered that’s for sure. Her first stop most mornings and afternoons is her table to color, paint, or play with stickers. Not sure if people are blown away at her uniqueness yet, but her “TADA!” tells us that she thinks they should be.

“Aquarians have desire to do something on behalf of the world that will help those in need or suffering from oppression.”

Social Worker mommy approves! Go baby girl and change the WORLD!


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